This is my personal corner of Zen Woman that is all about who I am and how I do my best to stay balanced, empowered and whole as I walk between two types of worlds – the physical (mainstream) and the metaphysical (spiritual). It’s definitely not an easy path, but with a little help from my friends and a lot of love, I’m finding my way…so I can do what I can to help you find yours! My nickname has been Zen Woman for most of my adult life, but now is the first time I  feel I am stepping into what that truly means. I look forward to sharing my journey of discovery back to self on every level. Because I think life is all about setting INTENTIONS as a way of taking accountability for what we create in our experience, I’m adding a twist by calling them INZENTIONS, where we’re conscious of how our intentions serve us in terms of loving ourselves and creating balance. So, we’ll see how that works out in this little social experiment of mine. Should be interesting and I’m glad you’re here to share in it. Thanks again for joining me.

Welcome to my adventure!

In light and love,
Stephanie Lodge, aka…


AwakenedAngels-grouplogoHey there…so, I’m finding the need to convey who I’ve been in the public for a while now since it’s a tad unusual and most people jump to conclusions about my work without really understanding it fully. First, let me say that I’m a published author, motivational speaker and energetic healer who specializes in soul empowerment and personal transformation through the utilization of light energy. I also happen to be an Ancient Angelology expert, and a channel or transmitter of Universal Mind or Source consciousness. Which means I am able to amplify light frequency transmissions for healing and provide guidance for the New Era by decoding their frequencies and putting them into words. I call this process light streaming. Over the past few years I was the host of the popular online talk show, Angels in the Buff, where I interviewed some of the world’s authorities on not only angels, but spirituality and personal transformation. I was also asked to produce two panels for the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles (2013 & 2014) on Angels, with experts joining me from around the world to discuss the meaning of them in our lives. Lets just say, I’ve been working within this spiritual belief for a while now and as much as I love it, I also know that it is important to stay grounded and create from a more receptive ideology. Angels are popular, but people in general still think of them as having a religious meaning…but that’s not how I see them. I approach Angels in a practical and almost scientific fashion, which is where I set myself apart from most in this field. So, understand, that Angelic Science or Alchemy is a big part of what I do also because it ties into how I work with light energy and assist people in awakening to their purpose, peace and light. Basically, my main focus is on redefining our understanding of Angels as holographic energy fields comprised of light and sound that make up the intelligent architecture of the universe, so we can acknowledge our own Angelic blueprint within and take accountability for the life experience we create and empower with our hearts and minds.

Now, on another note, I also published my first book Soul Scars: Rising Phoenix in 2013, which chronicles my evolution as a spiritual channel through a collection of poetry. I have a Bachelors degree in Metaphysics and I’m currently working towards a Doctorate in Philosophy. I am also a non-denominational minister and practitioner of metaphysics and I’m certified in Reiki, though what I mostly practice is a healing modality I pioneered called HALOnetix. HALO, or Harmonic Alignment Light Optimization, is the process of INlightenment, or anchoring more and more divine light into our bodies to be of service to those around us. As this light expands into the body, it can cause quite a few uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms. Which is why I combine the process with pulsed magnetic field therapy, thus explaining the “netix” aspect. Basically, I’m here to assist people in “leveling up” to their greatest potential on all levels, and I believe it starts with activating the light within in order to radiate our brilliance into the world.




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