Yes My Circus, Yes My Monkeys

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Well, it’s been a few weeks since we launched and my “inzention” of setting boundaries in business may have gone a little too far to the left. I say that only because I haven’t been keeping up my blogging AT ALL, but there’s definitely a reason for that. Trust me. First off, let me start by saying that I’m not going to beat myself up over it. A Zen Woman shudders at self-abuse. Instead, I’m going to look at what derailed my attempt and work at how I choose to move forward.

The derailment began with a girlfriend of mine going into labor. How dare she? Right? HA! But, in all honesty, it did mess up my schedule a bit only because I had to travel down to San Diego from Los Angeles for a couple days and coach her and her beloved through their first birth. I offered energy work and support through what became an eventual C-Section, and I can say I was glad I was there for their little miracle to come into the world. He was just gorgeous and I became an honorary Auntie! However, as you can imagine, I came back with a lot less sleep than usual and when I arrived home I also had a couple legal matters to contend with as well. Yes, the life of a Zen Woman doesn’t always smell like flowers. The first was pretty benign – a homeowners hearing to allow private meditation in my home. Yep, can you believe it? Someone can actually find something to complain about regarding a small group sitting quietly in meditation. What will they think of next? So, that was a time sensitive wrinkle I had to look into and resolve. One that I was definitely not expecting.

The second one was more research regarding something more personal to me. But, suffice it to say, it was extremely time consuming and emotional and just not fun. More on that in months to come I’m sure. Anyway, those two things led up to the Conscious Life Expo here in Los Angeles. A spiritually conscious event I attend every year, especially since producing two panels for it in the past few years that I also spoke on. This year I just wanted to peruse what I affectionately call the “Conscious Circus” and see what kind of monkeys were bouncing about. It is definitely a mixed bag of seekers, healers, authors, speakers, retailers and unfortunately, some charlatans. What I usually do is just move through the expo space and do what I can to anchor in the light of integrity and assist in keeping things elevated. This is the advantage of being a light stream of Source frequencies, I have an entourage to keep me company as I walk the halls that buffer any static. Not sure what I mean by that? Well, feel free to get in touch and I’ll explain.

Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein at Conscious Life Expo 2016

This year I attended as media – Zen Woman has its perks – and so I really focused on some of the panel discussions that served my interests. A few of the highlights were Nassim Haramein, Matt Kahn with Julie Ditmar and Stewart Pearce. I’ve been wanting to see Nassim for a while now, as he’s an excellent bridge between physics and metaphysics, which I feel aligned with. I highly recommend his work if you have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that we are spiritual beings operating from a field of unified consciousness.

Matt Kahn

Stephanie Lodge with Julie Ditmar and Matt Kahn – Conscious Life Expo

Another favorite spiritual guide of mine, Matt Kahn, became a big hit via YouTube not too long ago and this was my first time meeting him in person. What a living kewpie doll. Do you remember those? I actually had to Google the spelling it’s been so long, but yes, he and his partner Julie both are just darling spheres of love. Forget that they come up to my chest, they are giants in disguise for sure! Matt’s clarity of spirit is like none I’ve seen in a while. Maybe Eckhart Tolle comes to mind. But, in all honesty, I listen to him regularly to better understand how we are evolving as human beings into our lighter selves, and Matt never disappoints with the powerful transmissions he delivers.

Stewart Pearce

Stewart Pearce sharing an Angel of Atlantis at Conscious Life.

My final pick, Stewart Pearce, I have a personal fondness for because he and I are actually good friends. I’ve interviewed him a couple times and he’s given me solid advice throughout the past few years as I’ve gone through some serious soul growth. He also works with Angels, but where I work with them as light frequencies, he connects us more to the sound stream elements. From his perspective or “angel angle” filter, they are known as the Angels of Atlantis, and he’s written both books and oracle cards to relay their wisdom. He also has powerful meditation CD’s that use sound to heal and transform at the cellular level. Originally a master voice coach, Stewart is now also a master at assisting us to find our Soul’s Note, or the sound of our soul. It’s amazing work and I can highly recommend him as a guide, especially for those who resonate with sound and have a creative calling.

I have to say, the “Conscious Circus” weekend ended with an amazing few hours of healing on a friend of mine, which is really why I love it. Still, after the weekend was over, as usual I needed a good two days to recover and then got the flu to finish the week off with a cherry on top. So here we are. The weekend is a lot of energy to process, you empaths know what I’m talking about, and so it threw me off my Zen Woman game a bit. But, see, this is the thing. When it comes to our dreams, our business and setting our boundaries for true balance…we have to follow our hearts and what we feel in the moment called “now.” We can’t beat ourselves up anymore, especially when we are enjoying ourselves in the process. So, I make no apologies for not living up to my own expectations of what I thought would be a simple thing to keep up. I mean, how hard is it to write a blog a week and manage the rest of your life? Well, evidently when you are still finding your way back to balance, it can be a bit tricky. So, my advice to you is the same advice I give to myself in this moment – Just Be! Be your authentic self! Be in the moment and follow your heart to its true bliss. Be clear that you will never get it all done, so there’s no rush and no need to be perfect.

What’s funny is I told myself this: “There is plenty of information on the Internet for people to read and consume, they aren’t going to miss you for a couple weeks.” That’s the truth. But, here I am now and my next inZENtion is to work on consistency. HA! Wish me luck!