The Best Dance Videos That Are as Fun to Watch as Workout With

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Hate going to the gym, or don’t have the time to? If you’re looking for exercises to lose weight fast, we’d recommend some kick-ass dance workout routines/channels to get you started on your journey towards a perfect body?

Dance-based workouts are becoming a trend these days, suggests a survey published by the American Council on Exercise, Health and Fitness. People love it even more after watching Dancing with the Stars cast who love to do it and make us all do it too.

Plus, when the rewards are as great as burning 200-400 calories/session, why not start right now? When incorporated into daily routines, dance workouts can help slow heart rate, improve cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure. What are you waiting for? Take out your dancing shoes, set the music, and start shaking!

Here, we have some hip hop, aerobic and belly dancing routines that are not only fun but are also the fastest way to lose weight. Period.



Lionsgate official channel, BeFiT offers new workouts every other day. Not only that, they also offer viewers 30-day and 90-day workout systems such as 30 days six-pack abs, 30 days butt-lift, etc to help you shed all those extra pounds you have let in during the holiday season. The channel has over 2,000+ videos, 1,987,580 subscribers and about 265,524,808 views. With exceptional guides and advice and tips on how to target specific areas of your body, this one channel offers a huge range of videos to choose from. May they be blessed!


Anyone who has seen this dance workout knows how infectious and addictive Cassey Ho can be. Her liveliness and peppy nature encourages you to stand up and follow her even when you don’t feel like it. Uploaded once every week, all her videos are geared towards certain problematic areas such as belly fat, bulky thighs, saggy chest, etc. With over 2,727,584 subscribers and 283,331,550 views, the channel also promises to provide health and nutrition expert advice to help viewers eat and breathe the right food. But all hail Cassey’s talkative manner, which never lets energy levels go down.

Full Length Zumba Class with Brittany Bendall

Unlike most Zumba workout videos, the ones by Brittany Bendall are exceptionally easy to follow. They have been especially designed for all those who are ashamed to show off their beautiful bodies’ only because they have gained some extra pounds. With over 2,934 subscribers and 232,393 views, most of her videos are targeted to facilitate body watchers with the basics they need to learn before they begin hardcore exercising.  Once you get in the moves, you will finish off her routines without causing yourself humiliation.

Cardio Belly dance Workout with Tiazza Rose

Thank god as Rose spells out all her moves for beginners. This swirling of hips is one of the best workout channels on the internet. Ten minutes of Tiazza Rose and you will feel like a belly goddess yourself. Believe us; you will have a great time when following Rose. Her channel Free Belly Dancing with
Tiazza Rose has over 900 workout videos, some 53,132 subscribers and 8,157,154 views and counting.


Vixen Workout

The mega sexy workout is led by none other than Candice Craig. Not only is she beautiful to look at, she has all the right moves. Inspired by Miami nightlife, this 10 minute workout will start off with some light clapping and then blend in some shakes and shimmies getting your muscles all worked up. Candice encourages viewers to let go and dance free, and once they do, dancing comes out naturally. With over 1,903,063 view and 9,849 likes as of today, this vixen workout will surely get you moving.

If you feel inspired by just watching these, visit FitEngine to join one of the real dance workout studios close to where you live, work or play. We will guide you on what suits you best and then offer the best and most preferable choices for you.