Changing Times – A Call for Courageous Connection

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When I was a young girl I had this sense – it wasn’t a feeling or a thought, but a sense that the world would change during my lifetime. I’m not saying I knew what it meant. Simply that I understood on some level that a change was coming, a change that was more than the passing of time.
I felt alone, a misfit, or somehow wrong for believing that we could  create and be a part of significant, meaningful, harmonious change. I quietly hoped it would be the kind of change that would bring a greater sense of belonging.
I hoped we would no longer judge our differences, rather that we would celebrate our unique gifts.  I hoped that the change would bring about a new value for honesty and joy, for shared wealth and opportunity.  That as we looked at our surroundings we would see beauty and the miracles that occur in every moment.
Some might say that I was a hopeful young girl, and that such thoughts were fantasies.  As if a judgmental dismissal would undermine the meaning and desire that lived in my silent hopes.
Today I look about and see that we are engaging with significant change.  Breakdowns of structures and breakthroughs in opportunity and perspective are happening around the world.  Movements of consciousness have been sprouting up for decades, now beckoning us to evolve.
My heart is full, in part, because I no longer believe I am alone in this vision of possibility.  There are many of us emerging from all around the globe who are in someway awakened to the transformative quality of such a vision.  It’s an interesting and exciting time to be alive!
Global changes are calling us into personal transformations. Just as personal changes are calling us into global transformations. 
Odd as it is, we resist change.  Which is to say many are struggling, holding on to what is known and familiar, even if it’s not desired.  This change is happening right now, resisting it will not serve us.  Resistance will only make it hurt more, truly.
Perhaps it’s no surprise that I see the unfolding change with hope and intention. Expanding consciousness encourages us to break from the norm while appreciating the unique brilliance that lives in each of us.
Embracing the changes and the challenges we experience will help us mold ourselves and the future.  Do you join me in the intention for a world that honors, celebrates and rejoices in the miracle of life?
There is only one way to create such a world.  That is to begin with only ourselves.
?Each on our own, together.

There are choices for us to make each day, choices to:

• …experience joy, or as Joseph Campbell stated it: “the rapture of being alive.”
• …express gratitude for the multitude of blessings — in your life, and those you witness, and those you imagine,
• …serve free of concern of what you get,
• …engage wholly in SELF care,  body – mind – emotion – soul – spirit – and – beyond,
• …create intimate, honest, creative connections with others,
• …appreciate your abundant resources,
• …celebrate the miracle of life — everywhere you see, feel, sense, intuit, experience it,
• …release yourself and others from the stories and circumstances that bind you.

No doubt, this is a courageous path.  Now and then I remember the girl I was.She had vision and hope, and a sense of a changing world.  She was also afraid, and burdened with feelings of unworthiness and disillusionment.  And she felt responsible for bringing about about what she foresaw — and burdened by her inability to do much at all.

Today I see her fear and concern, and bring her to me in a warm embrace.  I dream of a world where she and every young child, every woman, every man knows they are loved, that each is worthy of being celebrated, and that a deep sense of WellBeing is experienced by all.
I know that there are perhaps millions of others who are taking up the mantle, and that together and individually we will co-create this changing world. Still, I occasionally feel alone in this world.


tambraharckTambra Harck

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