My First InZENtion: Balanced Business

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Welcome to the Zen Zone here on Zen Woman! This is officially my first post in this small corner of the ZW universe, designed to be my personal platform as the epicenter of this whole endeavor. It’s where I’ll be sharing my heart, my life and my learning experiences as I journey back to wholeness, health, love and balance – aka what I call being “zen.” More importantly it’s where I’ll be sharing my intentions, since I believe that our ability to truly thrive in life is by living with intention in every moment.

My first intention is to love myself first so that I can love those around me better. I also have decided to balance more areas of my life as an entrepreneur, transformational coach and awakened woman without losing the peace in my heart. Last year I experienced huge transformation and loss within my world that resulted in me reclaiming my identity and examining how I can serve others and still not lose myself or my happiness in the process. Gone are the days of endless hours in front of the computer forcing my will upon what I create in my business life. Gone are the days where I skip lunch or never get out of my PJs to meet a self-imposed deadline. Gone are the days essentially of self-abuse to meet ridiculous goals of my own and others. I’m all about being self-full right now. Filling the cup within so it can overflow to those I love. I’m releasing my inner people pleaser and co-dependent ways to live for me for once instead of others. I’m also knowing in this moment and every moment hereafter that I am loveable and worthy of abundance in every area of my life. There are no limitations or boundaries to what I can create and who I can be as a spark of what I call Love-Source. You might call it the Universe, God, Goddess…any label works. We basically know it as that origin of creation that we are all connected to. If you don’t know that, you will by the time you spend any time on this site with us. I say us, because I’ve invited some of my closest friends to help me. They will be sharing their journeys, their expertise and I’m inviting you or someone you know to apply to be part of the Zen Woman community of bloggers, vloggers, reviewers and more! It’s about collaboration and supporting each other instead of treating each other as the enemy or competition. There is plenty for everyone, this I know.

As we get to know each other better I’ll share some of my more personal “soul scars” and reveal more of my authentic self. But, understand that this journey is real for me and I’m still licking my wounds a bit. I’m still working at loving myself more each day. I have my moments of darkness like anyone, but I’m experiencing more light within every day. I’ll tell you how. Ultimately, what I’m saying to you is I’m not going to be perfect, and I don’t expect anyone to be. Perfection is an illusion and I’ve always said “true beauty lies in the imperfections” anyway. It’s what makes us unique and not plastic. Real women have curves, we have cellulite, we have wrinkles and stretch marks. We are enough just because we are alive and sharing our light, our love, our wisdom and our strength. In my experience, we don’t get enough credit for that last one. If our partners are battling in boardrooms, we are the cheerleaders they come home to for support. That counts for something because it can be exhausting too. It’s all energy exchange. Everything is energy and we’re going to explore a lot about that here. As an expert in spiritual sciences and energetic alchemy, I will fearlessly be sharing what I do to open us up more to the invisible forces that surround us that we can tap into for support. I’m on a mission to make the metaphysical more mainstream so people can truly thrive more easily by really grounding in their true purpose. Its nice to have dreams, but pointless if they never come to life because we never come down to earth long enough to take real action on them. Wow, there’s a lot to explore, isn’t there?

One more topic that’s close to my heart and on my mind lately too is that today’s modern woman more often than not is expected to be a super woman who can do it all. As much as feminism has assisted us on some levels, it’s actually harmed us on others. I don’t know about you, but its exhausting having to multitask in this turbo world where the hours seem to be sucked dry by Facebook, Twitter and other technologies that don’t always serve us, but just add to our list of things to do. Not only do we have to be fantastic wives, lovers, mothers, co-creators and career women, we also are programmed to believe that we have to maintain our youth and physiques forever or somehow our stock goes down.

When is it going to end? When are we going to be truly enough? Why are we looking for validation in others to know our true worth in the first place? These are just some of the questions we’ll all be exploring here on Zen Woman. How do we really find that peace, that balance, that thing we’ve all come to know as “zen.” All I can do is share my experience to inspire others through it to live an intentional, empowered and joyful life where nothing and no one robs them of the peace and light within. We deserve to radiate our brilliance at every level and I’m so excited to assist us in revealing more of that each day. There are no boundaries to us! There is only balance and that’s the only business we should concern ourselves with. The business of being.