Zen Woman is not about Buddhism or religion of any kind, so let’s just get that out of the way. In fact, it’s a space for connecting with our true divinity – our authentic self. So, leave behind the super woman that society desires you to be, and enter the world of balance, empowerment and radiating brilliance.

Real women make mistakes, grow from them and move on. It’s no longer about being perfect, controlling all areas of our life or holding on to dreams that may not really be ours anymore. It’s about finding out who we really are now, today, in this moment. What do we really want out of life now that we’ve learned a little from it? How can we find love, abundance, mindfulness and the rest with grace and ease? These are all the areas we aim to explore, plus a little fun along the way through restaurant and spa reviews, and other tips we call the “Top Zen.”

Ultimately, Zen Woman is whatever you want it to be, take what works and leave the rest. We’re not here to overwhelm your already busy life, we want to streamline your ability to live in reality, but still stay connected to your soul. We’ll bring you offerings that serve you, save time, help you connect to your heart and love yourself first from fellow Zen Woman voices from around the world. For an empty cup cannot quench another’s thirst, and in this turbo world, many of us find ourselves running on fumes. So, relax, this isn’t about perfect enlightenment. It’s about INlightenment…letting a little light in daily…and finding the place within where we elevate our thinking to a higher level of sacred wisdom. We call this place the ZEN ZONE, when we feel at peace…the inner child just chillin’ out and feeling good. Welcome back to the real you…the you that is ready to shine your light!


Hi! Thank you for joining me on this new chapter of my life here on Zen Woman. I’m excited to open up who I am to you and share what I know as a native Angeleno. I pride myself on knowing many sides of my city and know many other amazing women who have unique gifts and wisdom to share with you also. I mostly look forward to sharing how I’m integrating a powerful awakening that changed my life radically and took me from private jet sales and corporate entertainment to transformational coaching and ancient energetic alchemy.

Now, I was always an energetically sensitive child, but now I teach people how to open up their minds and align their hearts to the universal intelligence that surrounds us to create the life they desire. I especially enjoy working with women who intend to balance their lives and create happiness on all levels. That’s why Zen Woman is a perfect place to explore all that brings us to that empowered, peaceful place I call the “Zen Zone“.

Some people know my first entrepreneurial venture, ZenCierge – a group-buying site for holistic wellness and conscious living that was short lived due to the timing of it. But, as we know, life makes other plans sometimes and in 2013 I finally stepped into my true calling as an intuitive Transformational Coach, Angelic Mysteries Expert and Conscious Media Advisor for the entertainment industry.

My current passion is applying my intuitive knowledge to helping cultural creative experts in understanding how they influence the collective consciousness through the media they create. I love working with key influencers within media and entertainment to elevate their creative ideas and intentions, ultimately “inlightening” them on how they have a huge impact on shifting mass consciousness worldwide.

I created Zen Woman as not only a space for me to share my journey of finding balance between my spiritual nature and the mainstream, but to assist others in finding balance in all areas of their lives, while living authentically. Welcome to a whole new way of light!